Nope! It's Not Kombucha!

Our customers want a dairy-free, naturally probiotic beverage. People instantly enjoy the light taste of Water Kefir, which is slightly sweet, a bit bubbly, and caffeine-free.

Our bubbly and playful flavors, made with high quality organic ingredients, represent this fun and healthy feeling.

Fun & Healthy

At Owl Spoon, we love having fun and being physically active. For us, the key to being active and having fun is feeling good and healthy in our bodies… it’s all tied together.

Our Water Kefir

Water Kefir has been made in cultures all around the world for over a thousand years- it’s one of the most human things you can drink! In fact, we believe that soda is just an unhealthy imitation of this traditional beverage. Long before the soda industry existed, people made carbonated drinks the natural way- by fermenting using a water kefir culture. Water kefir is bubbly, but usually not as bubbly as a soda, is lightly sweet (about 1/4 of the sugar of most soft drinks) and contains dozens of probiotic strains. At Owl Spoon, we live an active lifestyle, so we brew with pink himalayan sea salt to provide electrolytes and minerals!

What People Are Saying about Owl Spoon

I’ve been a fan for some time now. Owl Spoon has perfected their brew. I start my day with 4oz. juice glass full. It’s the best way I know to get a good dose of probiotics. I highly recommend. -B. Jackson

What People Are Saying about Owl Spoon

My daughter, who is very picky, loved it. She drank the whole bottle before anyone could try it. -C. Gilson

What People Are Saying about Owl Spoon

We love this kefir especially the tangerine, mango, and ginger flavors, but we would honestly drink any of them! They are that good! It is delicious, has just the right amout of carbonation, and I love that it has so many health benefits! It’s a great soda replacement too! We cannot say enough good things about Jay and Owl Spoon. -D.T. Doyle

What People Are Saying about Owl Spoon

When I tried Owl Spoon Water Kefir, I knew I found what I was looking for! It is delicious and soothing. I love the ginger flavor: just enough sweetness, plenty of bubbles, and the amount of ginger is just right! Great company and great product! -N. Araway-White

What People Are Saying about Owl Spoon

I tried Owl Spoon Water Kefir along with my wife and kids. We all love it! It’s a great drink to have around when the kids just want “juice.” -N. Thruston

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