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Water Kefir is a bubbly probiotic drink people have enjoyed for hundreds of years all over the world. This fermented drink, much like kombucha, is packed full of living probiotic cultures, enzymes, and electrolytes. Unlike kombucha, which often has a vinegary zing, water kefir has a fruity, lightly sweet flavor.

When Owl Spoon’s Owner and Master Brewer, Jay McGee, learned about fermented foods, probiotics, and gut health, he started making water kefir for his family. And what began as a step toward a healthier lifestyle for the McGee family, quickly became their favorite day-to-day beverage. Jay brews the water kefir with organic cane and coconut sugars and pink Himalayan sea salt for great mineral content. The probiotics and enzymes are a natural part of the fermentation process. So, we always keep it raw and unprocessed.

Owl Spoon’s products are brewed at Edible Education, a Community Commissary Kitchen and Cafe, located in Midlothian, VA Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. Purchase is available at various farmers’ markets through out the Richmond area like South of the James, St. Stephens, and Birdhouse.

Sustainability is important to us. Be part of our eco-friendly Kefir Club by purchasing your first 32 oz. bottle for $12, return your rinsed empty bottle, and swap it out for discount on your refill.

What People Say

Owl Spoon wants to hear what YOU have to say! Send us your reviews for a chance to win a free bottle from Owl Spoon. Here’s a few we’ve received so far:

“This effervescent, gut-healthy, probiotic-packed beverage is like sparkling water, but good for you — take that, La Croix.”

Richmond Magazine, Power to the Pickle: Favorite ferments, peculiar pickles and classic pairings
by Piet E. JonesEileen Mellon

Trust your gut.

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