The Flavors of OWL Spoon

Owner and kefir brew master, Jay McGee, enjoys creating Owl Spoon’s unique flavor combinations. For example, the delightful Tart Cherry and Hibiscus Mojito. But, there’s also something to be said for his well-crafted and simple flavors. Like our bestselling Spicy Ginger and fan favorite Tangerine + Mango.

Jay insists on fermenting with only the best ingredients and quality kefir grains, so he brews with organic cane and coconut sugars. And, he uses pink Himalayan sea salt for great mineral content. The resulting probiotics and enzymes are a natural part of the fermentation process, and he keeps it raw and unprocessed. So, our water kefir is tasty as well as gut-healthy!

Now you can find Owl Spoon Water Kefir at various markets and farmer’s market stands throughout the Richmond area and beyond! 

Our Menu

Pricing: $13.50 Bottle (32 ounces) Keg Pricing Upon Request*

Spicy Ginger

Lemon + Lime
Tangerine + Mango
Tart Cherry
HIbiscus Mojito
Elderberry Blackberry
Green Tea + Peach
The Mule (Ginger Limeade)

Water kefir is a delightful dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free probiotic beverage that Owl Spoon is proud to provide their customers. To read reviews of our favorite flavors and weekly specials, visit our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). We hope you love your experience with Owl Spoon Water Kefir! Please don’t hesitate to request a flavor or send us a review by filling out the form below! 

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Have questions about our ingredients, how to be an Owl Spoon Water Kefir, Co. distributor, or about water kefir in general? Let’s talk!

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